Gregory C. Benoit

I have been practicing photography since the early 70s, specializing in black and white. While I do occassional color work, I have always been drawn to the subtle power of black and white imagery. I have always emulated the work of Ansel Adams, though I have also been influenced by the work of others such as Rick Preston and John Sexton.

I have worked for myself as a free-lance photographer for over 20 years, specializing in architectural and museum archival photography. However, my first love in photography has always been that of black and white, natural light fine art, and thus these pages only reflect that.

I was born and raised in New England, though I spent a few years teaching college English in the midwest. It has been my privilege to discover that the quality of light differs widely around our great nation; you will notice a distinct difference in the textures and lighting of my images from New England, the mid-west, and as far as Alaska. Each region has its own beauty and personality waiting to be caught and made permanent in a print.

My love of light and texture is coupled with a passion for good books, a combination that permits me to be involved with fine photography from start to finish in published form.

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